Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil


Originating from Australia and steam distilled from the wood of the Sandalwood tree, Australian Sandalwood is a precious oil that has been cherished for centuries by its users.

This gentle oil is effective for skin care, relieving tension, and calming agitated emotions. Australian Sandalwood’s components are perfect to help reduce oily skin and skin blemishes. Its rich, woodsy scent is strong, but has a hint of sweetness that makes this oil a dream to the senses.

When diffused or inhaled, it is a favorite for meditation to help relax the mind from the worries of everyday life. Once you use Australian Sandalwood, it will be easy to see why it has been cherished for centuries by all its users!

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Sandalwood Australian Essential Oil contains 100% Santalum Spicatum oil.


10ml, 5ml


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