Thyme Linalool Essential Oil


Thyme linalool — also known as Sweet Thyme — is gentler than other well-known Thyme chemotypes such as Thyme Thymol. However, this lesser-known oil is quite versatile and when diluted properly (up to 4.5%), it can be safely used on the skin. Because of its gentle nature, Thyme linalool is an excellent component in facial toners and cleansers. Unlike some other germ-fighting oils, it will help soothe problem skin without causing irritation. Thyme linalool has a woody, herbaceous scent and is often diffused to aid in respiration and digestion or to help ward off seasonal illness. It can also provide a much-needed boost to the immune system after a hospital stay or antibiotic treatment.

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Thyme Linalool Essential Oil contains 100% Thymus vulgaris oil.


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